Priyanka Parmar

Author | Content Writer | Digital Marketer | Creative Designer

Author of the poetry book 'Rhythm of Life - A collection of poems with summaries'. I am a DST-SHE-INSPIRE scholar, a Bachelor of Life Sciences, an artist, a professional content writer, social media marketer and a creative designer. I have more than 3 years of professional experience and now working as a Customer Support Executive. I am a Yoga practitioner and an admirer of nature.


Priyanka Parmar

Hey friends! I would love to have support from you as this is the beginning of my writing career with just one book published. With your help, I will soon be publishing another book. Thanks! :)

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Current Obsessions

  • Book publishing

  • writing poems

  • designing

  • social media marketing


  • I tend to read spiritual books more than any other genre. My all time favourite is Sadhguru's 'Inner Engineering' and 'Death'.

In search of

  • Hey there! I have recently published my debut poetry book which is a read-for-all! There are more than 20 poems on Nature, Human Mind, Relationships and Yoga and Beyond. I am looking for a little support from you as a reader.

Best tips

  • My tip to all the readers, poetry lovers, collaborators, influencers is simple - Read. Rate. Review. Do not believe on what others say. Read it for yourself.